Nicolas d’Alessandro is the co-founder and creative director of Hovertone, an agency specialised in the conception and realisation of ground-breaking interactive experiences. Nicolas is an engineer and holds a PhD in Applied Sciences. Over the last 15 years, he directed academic research on human-computer interaction (UMONS, UBC) and has been very active in digital arts world-wide.

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Gérard Cobut, trained as a zoologist, was first a science teacher before joining the Museum of Natural Sciences (Brussels). His passion for communicating science led him through the Education team, Multimedia and last but not least Exhibition Development. Some ten years ago, he was one of the drawing forces in the Ecoteam creation in the Museum. 

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Scientific collaborator of the KIK-IRPA Preventive Conservation Unit, Estelle De Bruyn gained practical experience in preventive conservation through internships at ICCROM, the Canadian Conservation Institute and KIK-IRPA. She was the Student Ambassador Program Manager of the NGO Sustainability in Conservation. ​Her master's thesis explored sustainable storage solutions and how they can be implemented with limited resources. She oversees Resilient Storage, a program for optimizing the HVAC systems of Belgian museums.

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Bérengère Fally is Project Manager for MuseumLab. Bérengère is using museums as playgrounds for creative entrepreneurship and technological innovation. The objective is to open the museum to entrepreneurs and artists for visitors to experience new digital trends. As creative link between culture, technologies and new economic paradigms, Bérengère stimulates collaborations and knowledge sharing, trying to foreshadow the museographic spaces of tomorrow.

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Katrijn D’hamers is a diversity and participation advisor at FARO, Flemish interface centre for cultural heritage. She is a master in communication sciences and in social and cultural anthropology (KU Leuven). At FARO she facilitates a "workgroup return".

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Samuel Donvil


Sam Donvil studied archaeology and culture and development studies at K.U. Leuven university. In the past he worked at the Open Access department of the K.U Leuven university library and currently works at PACKED vzw - center of expertise for digital heritage on open cultural data publication and crowdsourcing projects with the Wikimedia community. 

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photo ronan


Ronan German, is a digital developper at Mazedia. He has worked on several  projects for websites, apps, touchscreen  tables and interactive kiosks for museums and heritage  sites. Ronan is also involved in the Research and Development unit of the company, working with scholars and researchers to explore new ways  for visitors to engage all along the visit  continuum: before, during and after their   presence on site. His expertise in museum and communication studies and a strong knowledge  of technical possibilities make him a privileged   interlocutor.

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Bernard Hasquenoph lives in Paris. He is a cultural journalist, blogger and author. Since 15 years, he is interested in the museums functioning, economy and role in society, but also the place of the public. In 2004, he founded the blog Louvre pour tous (Louvre for all) and published, in 2015, the book “Ahae, mécène gangster” (ed. Max Milo).

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Bart Magnus


Bart Magnus studied Germanic Languages (Dutch and English literature), teacher training and has a master’s degree in Theatre Studies. After two editions at Het Theaterfestival (the first of which as a trainee) he started working at VTi (Vlaams Theater Instituut – Flemish Institute for the Performing Arts) in 2009 as a researcher on the European SPACE project (www.arts-mobility.info), dealing with data collections about artistic mobility. In July 2010, he was appointed head of performing arts documentation at VTi, which merged into Flanders Arts Institute in January 2015. Since August 2016 he works at PACKED vzw, centre of expertise in digital heritage.

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Timothy Naessens


Timothy Naessens studied literature and theatre science. He worked in the theatre field including the project Bruges cultural capital 2002. In 2003 he co-founded the Reproductiefonds pooling resources between Flemish museums to produce and market quality reproductions, which became LUKAS the Flemish art and heritage portal in 2008. He has been the coordinator at LUKAS since 2009. LUKAS merged with VIAA and PACKED in 2019.

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Daniel Pletinckx was trained as a civil engineer, with specialisation in information technology.  He gained extensive experience in system design, quality assurance, digital image processing and synthesis, 3D and virtual reality through a career of 15 years in private industry.  Currently, Daniel Pletinckx is director of Visual Dimension bvba, a SME dealing with ICT based innovation in cultural heritage, education and tourism. Visual Dimension specialises in new, efficient ways for creation of and interaction with 3D digital heritage assets.  The company works for a wide range of European Heritage organisations and is active in several European projects.

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Katrien Streelandt


Katrien Steelandt is the heritage communication coordinator at Erfgoedcel Brugge (Heritage Department, City of Bruges). In addition to the communication from Erfgoedcel and the general coordination of Erfgoeddag (Heritage Day), she has been closely following developments regarding the digitization of Bruges' heritage since 2004. The Xplore Bruges city app and the ErfgoedBrugge.be platform are two major achievements, always in collaboration with heritage organizations in Bruges. She also likes to put her shoulders under digital communication campaigns, such as the Instagram series "Beleef erfgoed waar je wil” (“Experience heritage where you want").

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MAD_Meettheteam_Yasmina Touiss_Photo Eline Willaert_1


Yasmina Touiss, Ecodesign Project Manager at MAD Brussels. With the support of Brussels Environment, she supports eco-design projects by bringing together private companies or public bodies with young designers who can think about an innovative and sustainable solution (product or service).

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Dr. Jos van Beurden is researcher in colonial collections and restitution issues (Vrije Universiteity Amsterdam). He did research in Africa, Asia and Europe.In 2018 he evaluated the repatriation of a part of the collection from Museum Nusantara Delft to Indonesia. His groundbreaking study "Treasures in Trusted Hands - Negotiating the Future of Colonial Cultural Objects" was published in 2017 (Leiden 2017,

// Lessons learned on repatriation of collection items

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Reinout Verbeke is a science communicator at the Royal Belgian Institute of Natural
Sciences. He pours the big and small stories from the labs and the collections into news
articles and social media posts. Before he was surrounded by dinosaurs, whales, insects, Neanderthals,... and the people who study them, he worked as an editor and news coordinator of the Flemish science magazine EOS.

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Gladys Vercammen-Grandjean


Gladys Vercamme - Grandjean is currently aiming to make Brussel's many museums more accessible for all audiences. For this, participation and direct interaction are key. Anything that lowers the treshold to enter the institutions, is duly applauded. So, Instagram. Besides scrolling through art and cat memes herself, Gladys has successfully integrated the platform in all her jobs to date. Are algorithms the new art curators? A critical debate with some LOLz to lighten up the #mood.

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Rony Vissers


Rony Vissers is the coordinator of PACKED. His previous professional experience ranges from collection manager at argos – centre for art and media (Brussels) to being a creator, producer and distributor of various media art projects. He also worked as a curator of film, video and music at the art centre STUK (Leuven). He was involved in European projects in the Europeana family such as Digitising Contemporary Art, Athena, AthenaPlus, Europeana Space. He holds master‘s degrees in information and library science, library and documentation science and communication sciences.

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Cleo Vandenbosch_


Cleo Vandenbosch lives and works in Brussels, Belgium. She is currently employed as business manager at creative agency Hurae, where she also supervises different projects, among which the Instagram pop-up exhibition Smile Safari. Before Hurae she gained experience in the publishing house Borgerhoff & Lamberigts as a publisher for art & lifestyle books.

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Pauline van der Zee bio



Pauline Van Der Zee is an art historian who taught Ethnic Art at UGent and is associated with the same university as a curator of the Ethnographic Collections. She wrote, among other things, "Bisj poles: Sculptures from the rainforest "(2007) and" Art as Contact with the Ancestors "(2009), both based on her PhD ‘Art as contact with the ancestors. The plastic art of the Kamoro and the Asmat of West Papua ’. Pauline was also a guest curator for the exhibition ‘Bisj poles: Sculptures from the rainforest ’ in the Tropenmuseum in Amsterdam, and guest curator Oceania in the Wereldmuseum Rotterdam for its permanent display.

// Lessons learned on repatriation of collection items

Isabelle Willems © Alexey Shlyck


Isabelle Willems is Communications Manager at FOMU Antwerp since 2008, where she initiated the online communication strategy. Together with the communications team, she worked out the online presence in which Instagram has a major role. Isabelle developed the communication campaigns for major exhibitions by artists like Harry Gruyaert and Ai Weiwei.

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Julie Van der Heyden


Julie Van der Heyden is director of museumPASSmusées. She has experience in Marketing Strategy and Business Intelligence in the world of fast moving consumer goods. She is data-driven and contributes  in this way to the development of the museum sector by increasing the number of visits and making the museum sector visitors' behaviour transparent to musea. She previously worked at Nielsen Market Research and Coca-Cola Enterprises. Now she uses her knowledge to develop the creativity of all Belgians.

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