Marie du Chastel

Marie du Chastel is coordinator and curator of KIKK Festival in Namur, a festival of digital and creative cultures exploring the crossovers between art, science and technology. She's also involved in contemporary art curation, artistic production and educational projects. Marie will take part of the "WOMEN (EM)POWER" panel.

Bruno Verbergt

Bruno Verbergt graduated in philosophy and in business administration. He works at the Royal Museum of Central Africa in Tervuren as director public oriented services and at the University of Antwerp as associate professor in general and strategic cultural management. Bruno's talk is titled "To whom belongs the museum? Involving the African diaspora in the renovation of the AfricaMuseum".

Chouna Lomponda

Chouna is Spokeswoman, Head of Communication & PR at the Jewish Museum of Belgium. She has more than 15 years of experience in media and the cultural sector. She values the feminine identity and encourages women to reveal their potential and to broaden their influence. Chouna will speak about "The crisis as a trigger for new communication models". She will also take part of the "WOMEN (EM)POWER" panel.

Gladys Vercammen-Grandjean

Gladys is a communications officer for the Royal Museums of Fine Arts of Belgium, taking care of the Museums' social media as well as managing several projects. She's inspired by books, humor and women with strong opinions. Gladys will take part of the "WOMEN (EM)POWER panel".

Claire Solery

Claire Solery is a woman entrepreneur and the co-founder of We Are Museums, a European platform dedicated to strengthening and nurturing dialogue between museums and entrepreneurial communities. She also practices building cultural bridges between culture through her work as a translator for cultural institutions and as an expert on South Korean visual culture. Claire will explain "Why museums should not worry about the next big thing, rather about doing their thing".

Simon Detemmerman

Simon Detemmerman is manager of the Market Intelligence team at, where he is in charge of the statistics of Brussels cultural and touristic sector. He is also a teaching assistant at Solvay Business School for various entrepreneurship courses.

Frederick Boutry

With a strong background in corporate human resources and communication, Frederick Boutry launched GUS magazine in 2000, the first gay life-style magazine distributed in more than 25 countries for 10 years in 3 languages. Since 2010, he’s also a consultant at for the LGBT market helping to transform the city of Brussels into an European gay capital. Frederik will speak about "The power of diversity. Why should museums consider the LGBT community".

Gilles Bazelaire

Founder of Dogstudio, Superbe and... KIKK Festival. Left & right brain thinker and strategist. You choose. I once figured out the hot key combo to close a browser tab all by myself, without even Googling it. Gilles will moderate the panel titled “EXPERIMENTING WITH TECHNOLOGY. A learning process”.

Andrea Wallace

Andrea Wallace (@andeewallace) is a Lecturer in Law at the University of Exeter working at the intersections of copyright, cultural institutions, and the public domain. Her research considers the impact of digital technologies on the preservation and dissemination of cultural heritage and the obstacles and opportunities presented by the digital realm. Andrea will speak about "Open Access and OpenGLAM: What is "open"? "

Philippe Reynaert

Philippe Reynaert was teacher in the 70's, filmcritic in the 80's and adman in the 90's. Since February 2001 the Man with the White Glasses dedicates itself henceforth full-time to his passion for the 7th Art since he assumes the direction of Wallimage, the walloon regional filmfund. In two words : he's a real Cinema Activist ! Philippe will moderate the Tax Shelter reflexion group.

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Nicolas D'Alessandro

Nicolas d'Alessandro is the co-founder and creative director of Hovertone, an agency specialised in the conception and realisation of ground-breaking interactive experiences. Nicolas is an engineer and holds a PhD in Applied Sciences. Over the last 15 years, he directed academic research on human-computer interaction (UMONS, UBC) and has been very active in digital arts world-wide. Nicolas will animate a workshop on (New) Technologies.

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Léa Rogliano

Léa Rogliano is a multi-disciplinary artist, specialized in video and new media. Since 2014, she is developing a long term research project based on new media and internet Diary of a virtual travel in North Korea. Léa will take part of the "WOMEN (EM)POWER panel".

Bianca Debaets

Bianca Debaets is the Brussels state secretary of ICT and Digitization. She's an avid supporter of the arts & culture all over Brussels.

Camille Pisani

Specialized in nuclear engineering (Polytechnique) and doctor in Science Didactics (Paris VII), Camille Pisani worked in several museums in Paris (Musée des Sciences et de l'Industrie, 1980-1994; Museum des Science Naturelles, 1994-2003; Musée de l'Homme 2003-2005) as as project manager and as exhibit manager, prior becoming director of the Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences in 2005.

Dirk Holemans

Dirk Holemans is director of Oikos, a Belgian think-tank that aims for social-ecological change. Building a collaborative ecological economy is at the heart of the organisation's activities. It researches and inspires new citizens initiatives. Holemans has been member of Parliament and worked as researcher and lecturer at several universities. He publishes regularly in journals as The Green European Journal. Dirk's communication title is "Degrowth: city loving instead of city hopping".

Isabelle Molhant

With strong advertising experience as account director at DMB&B and then at Leo Burnett, Isabelle Molhant, who has always been passionate about culture and cinema, has gradually put her analytical skills to the service of the 7th art. She joined the experts at Wallimage, the Vlaams Audiovisueel Fonds, and the MEDIA program of the European Commission, before becoming the CEO of Casa Kafka Pictures, one of the country's leading Tax Shelter intermediation companies, in 2006. As chairwoman of the Board of Directors of the Centre du Film sur l'Art, she occupies a leading position in envisioning the expansion of the Tax Shelter to the performing arts. Isabelle will take part in the Tax Shelter reflection group.

Pieter Van der Gheynst

Deputy Director of the Brussels Museums Council, Pieter Van der Gheynst works since 2006 as Project Manager in charge of various products and initiatives: Brussels Card (ongoing), MuseumTalks and Museum Night Fever (as coordinator between 2012 and 2016). Other experiences: Copywriter and product assistant « Citybreaks » at Thomas Cook Belgium (2000-2004) & Board member of AmuseeVous/Mooss, a non-profit educational and cultural organization that aims to bridge the gap between museums and young people. Pieter will take part in the Museum Data & Statistic reflexion group.

Véronique Carpiaux

Véronique Carpiaux is working at the Félicien Rops' museum (Province de Namur) since 1997. Director since 2006, she is working on exhibitions and publications along with development of numerisation. The website is a scientific project in progress. Increasing knowledge about Félicien Rops and making the museum known are two of her principal professional goals. Véronique will talk about "small" museum with big desires.

Abel Ruiz-Vazquez

Abel Ruiz-Vazquez's talk is untitled "Innovating and experimenting within culture by failing fast". How can we create superior added value for customers & make libraries and cultural centres future proof? Through experiments, copying and applying methodologies from the lean start up environment, together with their local partners Cultuurconnect endeavors to innovate and reinvent the libraries and cultural centres of the future. A modus operandi that can inspire museums.

Alexandre chevalier

Dr Alexandre Chevalier has been active for several years in heritage preservation and management: first at ICOMOS Switzerland because of his professional activities in archaeology, and then at ICOM-USA and now at ICOM-Belgium Wallonia-Brussels for working within museum related institutions. He recently completed a MBA at Solvay Business School which makes him specifically sensible to museum economics and management. He is member of the ICOM International Committee for Museum Management.

Christophe De Jaeger

Art historian and curator specializing in media art and collaborative practices between art and research. Christophe De Jaeger had realized projects in Belgium, the USA, Shanghai (China), and Milano (Italy). Coordinator of the department BOZAR Art & Research (Center for Fine Arts Brussels) and founder at GLUON, a platform for art, science & technology (Brussels). Christophe has a strong interest in S.T.E.A.M. education.

Jeroen De Meester

Jeroen De Meester graduated in History from the Faculty of Arts and Philosophy of Ghent University. In 2008, he started working at the Museum Plantin-Moretus in Antwerp, where he was responsible for the collection of prints and drawings of the Printroom. He was also application manager for the collection management System Adlib Museum. In 2011, he was appointed Chairman of the Association of Adlib users in the Netherlands and Belgium. Since 2017, he is appointed as policy officer digital collections Museums and Heritage Antwerp where he sets out the digital strategy.

Jos Pyck, consultant en Marketing Office de VisitFLANDERS. Assistant au baromètre d'attractions en Flandre.

Loubna Azghoud

Après un Master en sciences politiques économiques et sociales, elle s'engage dans un parti politique (Ministre de l'Economie bruxelloise et Ministre de l'Intérieur et de l'Egalité des chances). Passionnée d'entrepreneuriat et d'économie, elle fait un Executive Master en Management à la Solvay Business School. Aujourd'hui elle poursuit son engagement pour l'égalité homme/femme, et sa passion pour l'empowerment des femmes dans l'économie en dirigeant la plateforme de l'entreprenariat au féminin du gouvernement bruxellois ; Women in Business. Elle a créé aussi la Plateforme Women in Tech dans le cadre du Plan NextTech du Ministre de l'Economie Bruxelloise.

Marine Haverland

Marine Haverland has been working in the film industry since 2008. After having been in charge of project development at Versus production, she founded in 2012 Aura Films, a new media production company. Marine also organized conferences and trainings for transmedia projects and co-founded the Liège Web Fest, 1st transmedia, webseries and digital arts festival in Belgium. She is now in charge of virtual reality, gaming and new media at, programs VR Experience Festival and does a monthly column about VR for the Belgian French speaking radio, RTBF.

Matthias Vandermaesen

Matthias Vandermaesen is data conservator for the Flemish Art collection (, an umbrella organisation for five fine arts museums in Belgium: the Royal Museum of Fine Arts Antwerp, the Groeninge Museum Bruges, the Museum of Fine Arts Ghent, Mu.ZEE Ostend and M Leuven. He is involved in ongoing efforts to improve reuse of collection data inside and outside museums. Currently, his main focus is the implementation of digital persistent identifiers for art objects and the design of a datahub architecture which streamlines the flows of information between museums, applications and the public.

Olga Van Oost

Olga Van Oost is senior museum manager at FARO (Flemish Interface Centre for Cultural Heritage – Vlaams Steunpunt voor Cultureel Erfgoed vzw) and professor Sociology of Arts and Culture at the Free University of Brussels. She holds master degrees in Art History & Archaeology and in Communication Studies. She obtained a Phd in Communication Studies at the Free University of Brussels in 2009 on the future of the art museum and cultural heritage policies. She publishes in cultural heritage journals and in 2016 she published a book on the future of museum experiences, "Museum van het Gevoel". Olga closely collaborates with museums in Flanders and Brussels. She organizes a museum's directors meeting to discuss themes that concern museums' and cultural heritage organisations' policies and management. She is a member of ICOM international committees such as Intercom and Icofom.

Sam Donvil studied archaeology and cultural anthropology at K.U. Leuven university. In the past he worked at the Open Access department of the K.U Leuven universitary library and currently works at PACKED vzw - center of expertise for digital heritage on crowdsourcing projects with the Wikimedia community. He is also involved in the annual museum-hackathon Museomix.

Sergio Servellon

Chair of the National Committee of ICOM Belgium as president of Icom-Vlaanderen. Since 2005, he has been director of FeliXart Museum, which he has reoriented from a monographic to a thematic museum with a focus on the Belgian historical avant-garde movement in the inter-war period. He is currently preparing the site theme ‘Abstract Modernism’ for the Flemish Art Collection.

Valentin Dauchot

After four years writing about climate, poverty and develoment issues, Valentin Dauchot became the editor in chief of the "Music" pages of La Libre Belgique, four months ago. He has been assigned the mission to transfer most of the musical coverage of the newspaper to La Libre Belgique's website and and social medias with this challenge: how to build an online identity while preserving the traditional image of the newspaper ?

Véronique Cosse

Working for the Commissariat general au Tourisme (Walloon administration of tourism), Véronique Cosse is responsible for tourism statistics and economic weight at the Strategy Direction since 2008. She collects datas on various tourism sectors (accommodations, touristic sites & museums, tourist offices, ...) in the goal to establish the touristic strategy of the region.

Christophe Dosogne

Art historian, a graduate of the Université Libre de Bruxelles, Christophe Dosogne has been working as a journalist and art critic for over 20 years in Belgium and abroad. Editor-in-chief of the monthly review COLLECT Arts Antiques Auctions (Ghent) since 2008, from 2009 to 2016 he was artistic advisor and then secretary-general of the Boghossian Foundation at Villa Empain (Brussels).