Innoviris is the Brussels Institute for the encouragement of scientific research and innovation. Our mission is to support and stimulate research, development and innovation in and for Brussels through the funding of innovative projects by companies, research organizations and the non-commercial sector.

Innoviris is the Brussels Institute for the encouragement of scientific research and innovation. Our mission is to support and stimulate research, development and innovation in and for Brussels through the funding of innovative projects by companies, research organizations and the non-commercial sector.


The International Council of Museums (ICOM), created in 1946, is the only organization of museums and museum professionals with a global scope, committed to the promotion and protection of natural and cultural heritage, present and future, tangible and intangible. With approximately 30,000 members in 137 countries, ICOM is a network of museum professionals acting in a wide range of museum-and heritage-related disciplines. The Belgian national ICOM Committee is a two-folded structure composed of ICOM Belgium / Flanders and Wallonia-Brussels.


The non-profit association Museums and Society in Wallonia (MSW) is the federation of Walloon museums founded in 1998. Today more than 160 museums and museum institutions are a member of the association. It works daily to their professionalisation and is part of a dynamic tourism promotion. The association federates its members (within networks), represents them (before the supervisory authorities), helps them progress (through its professional services and its training programs) and provides them with better exposure (to the general and the professional public via its website www.museozoom.be, social networks, trade fairs and various specific actions). MSW's mission also includes integrating museums into the social and economic fabric.

Brussels Museums

Brussels Museums Council (BMC) represents and works with nearly 100 museums of the Brussels-Capital Region, either federal, communal, communitarian or private. Dealing with art, technology, industry, sciences, folklore, literature, history and much more fields, they all present a different aspect of Brussels. Its objectives are to promote and represent the museums, to develop collaboration between them, to support them, to develop their assets and bring solutions to specific problems.

Packed :VIAA

As a centre of expertise, PACKED vzw means to play a central part in Flanders in centring the development of knowledge, experience and expertise regarding digitization and digital archiving, and in spreading the acquired knowledge, experience and expertise. In this way, the centre of expertise means to improve and guard the quality and efficiency of actions in regard to digitization and digital archiving within the broader field of cultural heritage.


FARO - Flemish interface centre for cultural heritage is a not-for-profit organization that supports the sector of tangible and intangible cultural heritage in Flanders and is subsidized by the Flemish government. The Flemish Minister of Culture is responsible for the implementation of the cultural heritage policy. The functions of FARO are defined in the Cultural Heritage Decree (2008) and the interface centre is supervised by the Flemish Ministry of Culture, Youth, Sports and Media, Agency of Arts and Heritage (Agentschap Kunsten en Erfgoed van het Vlaams Ministerie Cultuur, Jeugd, Sport en Media).


ADAM – Brussels Design Museum

Established after the Atomium’s acquisition of the Plasticarium collection in December 2014, the ADAM offers an innovative and surprising insight on plastic design from the fifties to the present (permanent exhibition / Plasticarium) and on other forms of design through other periods, expressions, materials and themes (temporary exhibitions).The ADAM, it is also an auditorium with about 400 seats and an educational and cultural service with activities designed for children, teens and school groups. Lectures and screenings, in connection with the themes that are explored, enrich the museum’s program of activities. Through exhibitions, guided tours, workshops and lectures, the ADAM aims to ensure that design is intelligible to one and all.


The MAD LAB's mission is to support designers and creators in their search for employment or entrepreneurship in Brussels. With this goal, the Mad Lab is an incubator for designers and creators working on social and/or environmental issues. Thanks to the skills of our designers, we develop projects in circular economy and we work particularly on waste recycling in collaboration with local partners.


We Are Museums

We aspire to shape the future by empowering a global museum community of changemakers to spearhead innovation and develop social purpose projects. We share a responsibility for the future of the communities we work in, as well as for the planet. We believe in museums as trusted institutions with a clearly-defined purpose, that are also transformative tools and significant civic resources. At the core of our culture, we work on a collaborative and benevolent basis, having a no-show off policy and encouraging togetherness, openness and uprightness, towards a sustainable and workable future.


KIKK is a Belgian non-profit association exploring the crossovers between art, science & technology through the organization of events, educational activities & art projects. It organizes the yearly KIKK festival, a world-renowned event in Namur, exploring the implications of new technologies on society and in the creative fields, gathering 25.000 visitors from 50 countries. 


Promethea supports companies and project initiators in their patronage endeavor. Promethea hosts masterclasses and workshops for project leaders and organizes bridging actions for cultural and artistic businesses. It is a national network of  more than 100 corporate organizations with the ambition to forge the culture of patronage.


Women in TECH.brussels has been launched last May 29th as part of the regional plan Next Tech which aims to accelerate the presence of women in the innovative sectors of the high-tech industry and the creation of startups. Women in TECH is a platform for awareness-raising, information and specific guidance for Brussels women interested in Innovative Entrepreneurship and ICT.


Founded in October 2008, the Club Innovation & Culture, CLIC France brings together museums, heritage sites and cultural and scientific institutions interested in new digital technologies and their uses.